Counseling and Translation Services at the Ezidi Academy

We offer counseling with regard to the clarification and solution of conflicts and other personal problems outside the realm of medical treatment:

In the area of social and psychosocial questions -- for example, marital problems, family planning, and child upbringing – we conduct counseling and give referrals.  This counseling is offered primarily to people with migrant backgrounds.

In the area of psychosocial counseling, the following services are offered: 

  1. Referral to the appropriate contact person in daily and crisis situations.
  2. Analysis of problem circumstances based on various sociological theories.
  3. Mediation with regard to various social problems.
  4. Seminars about various diseases, especially drug abuse and HIV.
  5. Orientation help for daily life in Germany (for example, bureaucratic procedures).
  6. Technical consulting regarding legal questions for foreigners.
  7. Counseling on problem situations in the workplace, especially mobbing, firing, etc.
  8. Counseling on work, and productivity dysfunctions – also in the area of learning disabilities in school.
  9. Use of relaxation techniques (as long as symptoms of a serious disease are not apparent).


We translate in writing and orally from Arabic, Kurdish, (Kurmanci and Sorani).  English and Swedish in to German, as well as from German into the aforementioned languages. We also offer instruction in all of these languages.
Our counseling and translation services are conducted by experts who have years of professional experience in their fields.


We can and want to help!

We are a team and can help you with your personal problems.

e.g.:      School problems

             Residence problems

             Contact with authorities, etc.

Time: two Saturdays per month, by appointment via telephone or email. As of the beginning of March 2011 we will offer our assistance. Please bring along your complete documents to the first agreed meeting!



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