The human rights affairs in Yezidi areas in Iraq

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rasho irak

reported by Ali Rasho

Our documentation about the human rights violations in the Yezidi areas were delayed, because we thought that the events during the transitional period that occurred after the end of a dictatorship are somewhat "natural". We were also aware that the transitional period would involve great sacrifices. But when the affairs did come to head, the Association of Yezidi intellectuals saw the importance of documenting such events, in particular in 2006, when the harbingers of the civil war in Iraq were heralding.

The brochure has now been published documenting all known events and incidents that have occurred since 2003. It supplements the information of the reports 2008 to 2012, which includes documentations of the human rights violations against the Yezidis in Iraq. The reports focus on issues such as health care, migration and displacement, the current security affairs, women affairs, as well as current problems of Yezidi communities in Iraq.

The Ezidische Akademie wants to thank Ali Rasho for his extensive research.

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