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At the Ezidische Akademie, a cosmopolitical group has come together to administer to the needs of people from the religious community of the Yezidi, who have been scattered all over the world. Historically as well as politically current, the group is concerned with the situation of the Yezidi minority which is being persecuted in its home countries.      

At the Ezidische Akademie we pursue several goals:

-    Promotion of the solidarity of the Yezidis – location-based as well as nationwide
     Thereto a weekly forum and further events
-    Preservation and discussion about the Yezidi belief
     Thereto publishing of the journal “Zeitschrift der Ezidischen Akademie” with three
     issues per year
-    Preservation of the cultural and religious heritage
     Thereto maintenance and expansion of the Yezidi library, among others
-    Providing support to Yezidis in asylum- and other official problems
-    Public relations
     Thereto, for instance, informative events in Celle and Hannover
-    Strengthening of the role of the woman in the Yezidi family
-    Come to terms with the problems of Yezidi families within biculturality

For further information about the work of the “Ezidische Akademie e.V.” please see the statute on this website and the very informative contribution below from Dr. Lutz Brade.

The “Ezidische Akademie e.V.” is an open group and hence contributions, suggestions and criticism are always welcome. We are looking forward to your contributions!


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